Hello everyone, it's me me me me me eenie meanie mainimo :) :D xD
So how's everyone been doing?


it's been like what..? A year? Geez, yep it has.
My last post was in JUNE 2010 and today is MARCH 2011, it's even the 31st today.
So as you know in my last post I was so stressed bcs of the fact that I'm going to be a 9th grade, lyk, real soon. But whoupie! I'm a 9th grade now.

And how am I feeling rai' nao?
You wanna know?
You sure?


I'm mad, I'm crazy, and the thing I hate the most; I have a really HHHUUUGGGEEE eye bags. Sigh. But all these things will be over in the next 4 weeks.

So next in the next 3 days I'm going to have my UAS (Ujian Akhir Sekolah) which they will ask me all of the materials from when I was in 7th grade until now for each subjects-- well, except those subject which will be tested in National Exam (which are Indonesian, Math, English &Science).
Bcs for those 4 subject they'll have the questions based on the standard for UN which let's hope and pray that I'll be doing it smoothly, amin ya rabbal alamin...!!

I actually making a ringkasan for Citizenship rn, but this blog suddenly popped up in my mind- and TA-DA!!! I'm posting now kekekeke :p ;p xp

HHHHHHH I really really do want to write many things actually, but, as usual, whenever I surf blogspot and click the "new post" button suddenly my minds become blank and I don't know what to write anymore hemmmm....a berri, berri, bad habit.

Ok, let's not talk about exams and their gang now. Let's talk about me!!!!....more specificly.
First is changes. So changes.
It's been a year anw, so there must be some changes in me.

Whataya think?


Changes of Bita?

Ok, there's one. I don't know how will you find this, but fyi it's a bit embarrassing.
So as you all know, karma has been real sneaky ever since forever, and unfortunately it still is. And that sneaky karma.............got me.

Shamefully karma got me last time by throwing me in to the deep hole of Kpop (I used to dislike Kpop, you guys can read my early 2009 posts).
And this time, it got me again, by liking......no other than, Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Ok, so maybe some of you are now wondering what is DBSK?
It's a Kpop group which I used to hate berri much. Berri berri stroberri much.

Moreoever, I fell in love with............Kim Jaejoong.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, even the world knows how my much I disliked him in the past. Sigh I feel really horrible that I've once hated someone really genuine like him. I. Feel. Terribly. Horrible. As if I was a monster.

LOL, that's too much.
Well, I am an over-acted georl lyk that. It's not a new news br0.

OH and you know sumthing?
Like around last year's Sept/Oct I've been succsessfully made ALMOST all of the girls in my generation became Kpopers hahahahahahaha.
I should have been awarded or something, this is no joke man.

At first I couldn't get used to how everyone are spazzing over (my) Oppars, but now.... I can't even imagine how they are used to when they haven't been Kpopers!!!! trolololol
Ok, that's another too much statement by Bita. I, ofc, still remember how they used to be, but.. It's a lot more fun when you have maaaany Kpopers around you :-D

Now, (my) Oppars are their Oppars too. lol whatever, OPPARS ARE OURSSSS!!! >:D

Even Nacha, you know, the anime otaku we got here.. Is now a Kpoper also!
As for Prila and Mine.. Well, eng-eng!
They have 0 possibility to become Kpopers, ZERO I TELL YOU. ZERO. A zero that as big as this earth.
No matter how much I've tried to persuade them.. It never worked. And it WILL never work!!!! I'm giving up on trying to make them love (my) Oppars, lol.

Let's change our topic again now.

What what?


(I actually am thinking right now so I'll just keep typing "what" until something comes up in my brain. Bare with me.)


hem, what?


I KNOOOOOOW. Eh, you know.. Uluslararasi Turkce Olimpiyatlari? Still remember, right?
Well It's the 9th this year. And guess what?
The folklor team this year made it to Turkey!!!!!!!!!
I have to say that their dance is really well-compose. A really well-done-dance.
I'm happy and envious at the same time. Bet they'll really enjoy their trip to Turkey this May. THEY REALLLLLLLYYYY WILLLLL.

I miss 2009. Ok, this is not new.

omgsun I've written a really long trash-y post. So, read it if you are bare with the grammar error and typos of me.

Wish me luck for UAS & UN :_) :-) :-D

Till we meet again, ciao! Love love love Xx

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